Friday, 5 May 2017


It was a very dark night no one went outside because the big scary taniwha. They were so scared that they did not want to go outside. So then Tamarereti went out and went to go to get some fish in the sea.

The taniwha comes out of the dark sea  and is looking for something to eat. The taniwha is so scary that people always stay inside their home and do not come out.

Tamarereti is looking for some fish because his family and the people of the village Needs something to eat because they have nothing to eat.

Tamarereti is catching  some fish for the village and his family to eat.he found 3 fishes to eat with the village and his family.

Tamarereti went to sleep in his waka because the wind went away.when he woke up he found himself in the middle of the beach.

Tamarereti found a place to stay for a little while then he knew that he should  go back to the village because the taniwha might catch him and eat him of the corner of his eyes he saw some pepells.

Tamarereti gathered all of the pepels  into his waka. Tamarereti had an idea to do with the pepels.Tamarereti got all of the pepels and threw it into the sky and saw the beautiful seven stars.

When he finished looking at the beautiful sky  he went back to the village.The pepels that Tamarereti throw up in the sky are now stars. The sky is now beautiful.

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