Friday, 26 May 2017

making paper plans

On monday after lunch students from room 14 made planes.  First of all we sat on the mat and watched a video it was about making planes and different kinds   we watched the video because some of the people in room  14 did not now how to make a plane so we watched the video
and learnt how to make a   plane.
After a while Miss Davis gave us a piece of paper when she gave us the paper we sat on the mat well some of them sat on a table and started to fold it when the whole classroom was finished we went
Outside by  our class room bay and flew our plane  and had a  competition.
Miss Davis said we are going to have a turn in our group’ first blue group went i felt so terrified for my friend Keyana because I thought she was going to lose’
I did not want her to lose because I wanted her to win. but she did not win she lost but I told her it's okay you will win next time’ mean while it went orange group I thought the hole orange group was going to win but it didnt happen the only one who won in the orange group was kelly.kelly made it to the second round. Next  it went green group they flew their plane and kitione one he was in the second round then it was turquoise group when they flew their planes every one was cheering go kiarah go kiara I new every one wanted kiarah to win when they flew their plans they were very sad for kiarah because she did not make leigharna did. Finally it was my turn and my group turn to go I knew I was going to lose when miss Davis said go I was so anxious then we flew our plane I looked at my plane my plane was so close to me and I knew I lost I was so sad but the winners had a second round it was out of 3 boys and 2 girls they flew their planes then it was out of 2 girls because the 3 boys lost. Luckily the 2 leigharna and kelly  flew their plans  everybody was cheering again kelly you won kelly you won so so happy. Now for the end when it was the end we went inside and watched p.e.n.n.

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