Friday, 16 June 2017


Long ago under the pitch black sky there was a village. No  one wanted to go out into the black lake because they were scared of the taniwha. Then it was the morning their was a great  warrior his name was Tamarereti. One morning he  woke up and he was starving so he decided to go  and catch some fish. When he went to go and catch some fish Tamarereti caught 3 fish. After that he went to sleep for a while. When he woke up he knew that it was getting dark but he was hungry.  So he cooked up the fish and ate it. He knew that he was not afraid or terrified so he found some pebbles and put it in his waka. He found some pebbles and picked it up because pebbles made the star and made the seven sisters’ so he threw the pebbles   into the wild  sky and went back to the village.The sky is now beautiful.

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