Thursday, 27 October 2016

Narrative Writing

One beautiful sunny day there was a girl named Michelle and anther girl named Riley they went for  a walk in the desert to see their family they went to see their family so they could spend time with the when they where nearly there someone popped out of the tree it said where are you going in a creepy voice she started to laugh and he took off his mask they thought it was a stranger but it wasn't it was their mum Michelle and Riley said why are you dressed like that she said we are ready for holaween so their mum told them the way home Riley felt dizzy she fall on the floor  Michelle and her mum didn't look at the back Michelle  and her mum where at their house then they looked at the back they didn't realise that Riley wasn't their then Riley had bad talking then Riley started to talk then Michelle said you don't sound like Riley. Riley said because I'm not Riley she brang out Riley out of the car she said if I give you her you have to give me all of your money they where so rich that they had to give of their money to her.   

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